Water Soluble Yarn

water soluble yarn
  • Ring Spun Yarn 

  • Raw White

  • 100% PVA

  • Quick Dissolving in Water

  • Compliance with EU Reach Standard

Quick Dissolving


  • Water soluble yarn can be used to support a low strength warp or weft yarn for woven

  • To stabilize open weaves and create accurately placed holes.

  • To create special design for jacquard knitting fabrics

  • Embroidery Lace (special design)

  • Separator of Socks

  • Tie dye (Shibori) Process is stitched with water soluble yarn (70 ℃ type). Just wash in hot water after indigo or Procion dyes process. Water soluble yarn will be dissolved and the fabric is free. There is no longer many hours of careful unstitching.

  • Composite Yarn 

Water Soluble Yarn
Water Soluble Yarn
Water Soluble Yarn